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27 May 2015 @ 04:45 pm
Let's be patient!  
Today was under the sign of "patience"..

Normally, the way from my home to my office is long (like, really, 1:30 for a single journey). Today, it took me 2:15.............. Well, okay, this was a bad beginning but I had all the day to forget that, and focus on my work! Wait, oh, on my.. what again? No, I'm joking. Actually, I had things to do but well, it never works out as it should, right?

As I was saying, today's theme was patience, and it didn't end after my arrival to work: my work consisted on doing a Word mail merge. Simple, isn't it? Except when... It doesn't work. Haha. First, I had to look for a tutorial to understand the procedure since the data base is pretty complex. I succeeded but I face another problem now: when I start the merging, my computer freeze. I tried to restart it many times but it still doesn't work.

Conclusion: patience is not rewarded.
NB : my day isn't finished yet. Wish me luck. (Or at least, wish me no bad luck on my way back) (Thank you)