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I'm so bored.. Please, help!

This is Yassira, from her office!

Well, everything is said in the title. I can't help but being bored since I almost have nothing to do at all at work. Fulfilling your work too soon is NOT GOOD AT ALL. My internship ends at the end of June.......................... One month left, siriusly? It won't be possible.

I could work on my master thesis during the day (and actually, that's what I was doing just before) but I can't do that all the day long. Even if there is one week left before the delivery's deadline, haha.

Anyway, that was just one of my never-ending-complain post o/

NB : I saw on Twitter that Jun was spotted filming in Yoyogi, dressed as Harry Potter... AND I DO NEED TO KNOW WHY HE WAS FILMING DRESSED LIKE THAT. Oh Jun. <3
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