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23 May 2015 @ 08:25 am
I need to list thiiiiiings OwO  
I planned sharing some stuffs I couldn't watch or see before buying it. Yet, to do so, I'll have to look for the items I've got, and see if they're already shared on Livejournal (I'm pretty sure you can find everything on Weibo or Clubbox).

Yassira, please, don't be lazy. (Right now, I am) (I'll just stay in my bed waiting for my friend to come at lunch huhu)
It reminds me I have to cook....................... Oops, I can't be lazy all the day long.

I made this gif thinking "oww Nino, you just represented my life"
Location, location, location: My bed
Moodie, mood: recumbentAllongé
Music for the people!: Hey You ! - Sexy Zone