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My "first" post shouldn't be a complain buuuut...

I can't be serious, omg. (I'm so tired of myself being that................................ painful in the ass!)

Okay guys, I won't really complain! As a student in Psychology, I have to think po-si-ti-ve-ly. Therefore, instead of saying I'm really bored at work recently, I'll say that I'm so happy to have 3 free days in a roooooow.

Anyway, I can't stop working on my master thesis during those days but I'll enjoy them watching some TV shows, oh yeah.. Reading NEWS' stuffs, oh yeaaaaah and listening to Sexy Zone and Yamapi cause that's all I can do recently haha.

Have a nice week-end, and have also some Akito x Junta in your life o/
(I've decided I'll post my edits on Livejournal. Maybe it will motivate me keeping working on Photoshop..)

Tags: personal, tired of myself
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