Long time no see!

I delivered my Master Thesis, therefore I'm DOOOOOOOOOOOONE. Okay, that's not true at all.
Anyway, I feel relieved that I don't have to care anymore about it. Now, I have to focus on what comes next: the oral presentation, and my internship synthesis.

In the Master Thesis, there is an "Acknowledgments" part. Yet, I wasn't honest about who I should really thank! I just knew I had to thank my tutor even if he didn't help, nor support me, at all. My real support was, and always is, my friends and my mom (well, my mom is one of my friend, haha.. no). I can't express how much I'm grateful to have them in my life. They're my best support.

Hélène, you won't read that but thank you for everything. I'm so glad you were there to listen while I was yelling at you....... For nothing.

rim1789, I'm so sorry for saturday xDDDDD I know I'm not supposed to be sorry but I truly am. Anyway, thank you <3
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What a day!

Working feels so good.
I mean, working, for real. ACTUAL WORK.

omg, my day wasn't boring at all for once in a while ;o; I didn't even check the time!
I'm so exhausted and yet, so happy about it...
(Even if a manager kinda got upset when I told him I didn't call someone, haha) (I was right about it, even if he doesn't think so u.u)

Anyway, hope tomorrow will be as interesting!
(I need to giiiiiiiiif) (Here's some Naniwa cuteness gif I did a long time ago o/)


Let's be patient!

Today was under the sign of "patience"..

Normally, the way from my home to my office is long (like, really, 1:30 for a single journey). Today, it took me 2:15.............. Well, okay, this was a bad beginning but I had all the day to forget that, and focus on my work! Wait, oh, on my.. what again? No, I'm joking. Actually, I had things to do but well, it never works out as it should, right?

As I was saying, today's theme was patience, and it didn't end after my arrival to work: my work consisted on doing a Word mail merge. Simple, isn't it? Except when... It doesn't work. Haha. First, I had to look for a tutorial to understand the procedure since the data base is pretty complex. I succeeded but I face another problem now: when I start the merging, my computer freeze. I tried to restart it many times but it still doesn't work.

Conclusion: patience is not rewarded.
NB : my day isn't finished yet. Wish me luck. (Or at least, wish me no bad luck on my way back) (Thank you)

I'm so bored.. Please, help!

This is Yassira, from her office!

Well, everything is said in the title. I can't help but being bored since I almost have nothing to do at all at work. Fulfilling your work too soon is NOT GOOD AT ALL. My internship ends at the end of June.......................... One month left, siriusly? It won't be possible.

I could work on my master thesis during the day (and actually, that's what I was doing just before) but I can't do that all the day long. Even if there is one week left before the delivery's deadline, haha.

Anyway, that was just one of my never-ending-complain post o/

NB : I saw on Twitter that Jun was spotted filming in Yoyogi, dressed as Harry Potter... AND I DO NEED TO KNOW WHY HE WAS FILMING DRESSED LIKE THAT. Oh Jun. <3

Can't work, too tired

One week left to finish my master thesis, and all I can think is "OMG BOYFRIEND'S CONCERT WAS FREAKIN' AWESOME".

Oh yah, it was so good..
The guys were all handsome, and they were so nice to us.. They played with the fans even if they were so tired.

THEY SING SO WELL OMG. THE PLAYLIST WAS PERFECT. They also said they'll come back ;o;

Having seen them interacting with fans, I can say that next time: I'll do my best to be just in front of them, like... At the first rank. YES GUYS, I WILL.

Anyway, I have to go back to work (I'm too lazy to do it, actually). Before, I just wanted to thanks my friends for having offered me this chance to see this amazing group! Thank you, guys ;o; (Still don't love you)

NB : the 95line killed me. It's okay, they're legal in France tho..


I need to list thiiiiiings OwO

I planned sharing some stuffs I couldn't watch or see before buying it. Yet, to do so, I'll have to look for the items I've got, and see if they're already shared on Livejournal (I'm pretty sure you can find everything on Weibo or Clubbox).

Yassira, please, don't be lazy. (Right now, I am) (I'll just stay in my bed waiting for my friend to come at lunch huhu)
It reminds me I have to cook....................... Oops, I can't be lazy all the day long.

I made this gif thinking "oww Nino, you just represented my life"
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My "first" post shouldn't be a complain buuuut...

I can't be serious, omg. (I'm so tired of myself being that................................ painful in the ass!)

Okay guys, I won't really complain! As a student in Psychology, I have to think po-si-ti-ve-ly. Therefore, instead of saying I'm really bored at work recently, I'll say that I'm so happy to have 3 free days in a roooooow.

Anyway, I can't stop working on my master thesis during those days but I'll enjoy them watching some TV shows, oh yeah.. Reading NEWS' stuffs, oh yeaaaaah and listening to Sexy Zone and Yamapi cause that's all I can do recently haha.

Have a nice week-end, and have also some Akito x Junta in your life o/
(I've decided I'll post my edits on Livejournal. Maybe it will motivate me keeping working on Photoshop..)